When a form is submitted, the form data is automatically saved to AWS's S3 cloud data store.

In addition to this, you can also add other submission events which are performed after a form is successfully submitted.

Submission Events are form specific and can be configured in the Submission Events tab of your form.

Draft Submission

Submission Events can also be setup to run on a save draft. To implement this simply select the draft submission switch on the submission event.This will ensure that this event ONLY occurs on a draft submission.

Conditional Logic

Similar to how conditional logic works for displaying hidden form element, conditional logic can also be set on the submission event. Meaning that the submission event will only run when the configured conditions are met in the form. With this you are able to add varied submission events that can be used for a number of use cases, such as escalating emails, different payment paths, multiple TRIM containers or setting specific endpoint to hit depending on the how the form was filled out. 

Submission Event Types

Email + PDF

Enter an email address can be one of the simplest and easiest submission events to implement. Adding an email address to the Email + PDF submission event ensures that any time the form is submitted an email will be sent to that address. The email will contain a structured PDF of the submission data and links to any attachments that were included in the submission. 

Email Address - The email address that the email will sent the email and PDF

Email Subject Line - The email subject can be specified allowing easy identification of the email. 

PDF File Name - The name of the PDF can also be changed to more easily conform to any existing processes. 

Custom Values - All of the inputs above can be customised with content from the form click the 'more info' or look below to see how. 


OneBlink will send a request to this URL on successful form submission. This is an advanced feature used for integration with external systems. Webhooks can be either OneBlink Hosted or a Custom URL.

For more informaiton on Webhooks check out this article.

HPE Content Manager (TRIM)

The Content Manager submission event allow you to post your form submissions to your TRIM backend system for more on this integration check out this article.


This submission event allows you to link into the Commonwealth Banks payment gateway to complete payments upon form submission. For more on BPOINT check out this article.