This is a short tutorial you can follow along with to create a simple contact us form. 

Once you have signed in, you will have access to the OneBlink console. If this is your first time in the console a brief welcome tour popup will appear. Feel free to follow along with this guide as it takes you around the console.  

When opening the console for the first time you will notice that there are some template and tutorial forms included. These are to help give you a running start into form creation.

To start building your first form press the Form button in the left menu. The menu can be expanded by clicking the menu button in the top left.

Nice, now we can see our form list. To add a new form to this list hover over the red plus + and click the Add Form button in the bottom right of the screen to create your first Form. 

Great, now we are in our first form. Let's give it a name, description, and an associated app (the apps the form will appear in). We will also make sure that this form Allows Anonymous Submissions, this allows people who aren't app users to view the form. Don't forget to save the form when you're done.

We can now start building out the form. First, navigate to the BUILDER tab, now let's add some new elements. Let's start with a heading and some instructions. 

First click the ADD NEW ELEMENT button, and select the element type. For this first element we will want to select Heading, and for the second select Information. Once you have selected the type, you can name your element. Don't forget to click the save button, so we can preview what we have so far. 

Now let's add some elements for our customers to fill out. We can add a Name (text element), Email (email element), Phone (phone number element), and Message (text multi-line element). We will make Email and Message required(*) to submit the form, this is done by clicking the Required switch in the elements details. Click save - and we're done, you have made your first form.

Now let's add an Email + PDF submission event, so we can see the form working. To add a submission event click the SUBMISSION EVENT tab. Click the ADD SUBMISSION EVENT button, select the Email + PDF type and add in an email address. Press save - we will now receive an email with a copy of the form and the inputs when the form is submitted. 

Okay let's see it all working. Open the Getting Started app by navigating to the App page in the side menu, then click open app. From here you can open your Contact Us form and begin filling it out. Once it has been filled out you can click the submit button. This data will be stored and an email will be sent to the email you linked in the submission event.

Congratulations, you have just completed your first form and workflow. For more information on each of the sections covered in this tutorial, please check out the rest of our knowledge base.  

If you have any questions, please create a ticket via this support portal. 

Thank you very much for participating.