How can I create a Data Suitcase  Driven Select List?


Data Suitcase Driven Select List

Description #

You can pre-populate select lists from a data suitcase. Firstly you will need a data suitcase or xml file containing the data you need to use. Here is an xml file of V8 super car drivers.

You will need to first load the data suitacse on the server to store it locally. Here is some madl code

$t->setJourneyObject('V8s', $t->result);

echo $t->result;
return('MoJo Uploaded Successfully');

Next you need to set the select list to grab the right information from the data suitcase.

Notice the data suitcase name is set to V8s which I saved. The next is standard Xpath . // is the first node Then Drivers. Within Drivers we want a Driver. Then the Name. This will give you a select listing of all drivers within the xml file

Notes #


For the data suitcase to available for the select list you MUST create an XLST interaction

which references the Data Suitacse.


For debugging...

To see if the data suitcase exists 

Use the upload data suitcase code in an interaction.

Using chrome,

  • right click and Inspect Element.

  • select resources tab.

  • in the file tree, select databases,

  • select your answerspace name

  • select jstore

  • in the K list you should see the data suitcase (mojo) if you have it successfully loaded.